Dealing With Cannabis Odour

When cannabis farming, it can be a challenge to hide the smell. When in bloom, the marijuana plants emit an intense aroma that can cause a stink that bothers your neighbours.

The impact of the smell not only pollutes the air of your surroundings but it’s also illegal as there are regulations on cannabis odour. That’s why we’re going to go over the most recommended ways to hide cannabis odour.

If you want to eliminate the smell, you need to come up with a decent set up of air filtration first. It would be best if you also had some anti-odour technique to filter or get rid of the cannabis aroma. Here are some of the most effective methods of eliminating the pungent smell.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are one of the essential requirements for your indoor marijuana farming. Cannabis farmers must always have excess carbon filters for security whenever there is a need for change or replacement. Carbon filters remove the pungent smells and hair them in the filters to prevent them from being released into the open air.
The authorities have a regulation which ensures that a carbon filter is a necessary part of any cannabis grow room kit.

Do not overrun your carbon filter to the end of its life span. For maximum safety, work on replacing the carbon filter long before the old one is finished. Also, maintain low humidity around the filters because they tend to last longer in such conditions.

Ozone generators

Ozone generators may not be as popular as carbon filters, because scientists have warned that Ozone is dangerous. Many growers do not like to use them to eliminate cannabis odours. However, to some growers (this is a fact), generating Ozone is an assurance that no smell escapes from the carbon filters.

The process is done by placing an Ozone generator in the surplus air stream, leaving the carbon filter. However, you need to be cautious because the generators need a watchful controller to get the right ozone level. You can consult an expert if you aren’t conversant with the system. Excessive production of Ozone, especially in an urban area, may draw unnecessary attention.

Get rid of waste air

Find an effective way of getting rid of excess waste air from your growing room or greenhouse. Using chimney has been a very effective method of excess air emission. But some growers have a technique of connecting the excess air channel to an air unit in the loft.

If possible, ensure that you exhaust the warm waste air directly outdoors and away from the neighbourhood. Let the chimneys face the back of your home if you are growing cannabis in your compound. It may not be a suitable way of emission, but it can work well if you replace the filter regularly with enough air allowance in the compound.

The fan and carbon filter should be compatible

When installing the cannabis air conditioning and odour control system, please ensure compatibility between the carbon filter and the fan.
It’s useless to have an extraction fan that pumps a lot of excess air over a narrow filter. You may need a larger carbon filter, and you already have a huge fan to handle the air volume. This idea ensures that no excess smell escapes from outdoors.

Ona Gel For Grow Op Odour

Ona is a regular gel used in many places to diminish aromas. It has a variety of natural plant extracts that can eliminate odours. Ona gel can be utilized in combination with different smell control and elimination procedures. It gel works well outside the cannabis growing room and can be used within the house to eliminate any residual marijuana smells within your home.

Grow A Low Odour Variety

Many experts recommend that cannabis farmers should grow particular low-odour varieties. It is believed that these varieties can be grown with fewer precautions.

However, this may not be very effective because even the low odour species can still produce unbearable pungent smell during flowering. So, avoid relying on cannabis genetics and ensure you have a well-planned strategy to curb the smell.

Odourless cannabis cultivation doesn’t need to be difficult. You only need to take some simple precautions to ensure the safety of your house and the surrounding environment—the most important precautions to take when growing cannabis to find ways of eliminating the smells. Consider using the tips described above for the best results.